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When Attorney General Beshear was sworn in as Kentucky's 50th Attorney General, he had a clear mission to prevent child abuse, protect seniors, seek justice for victims of sexual assault and find workable solutions to our drug epidemic.

The work the Office of the Attorney General does to safeguard Kentucky families is broad and expands across many areas, including scam prevention, utility rate intervention and consumer protection actions.

Investigating and Arresting Those Illegally Prescribing Opioids

The office’s Drug Investigations Branch investigates the illegal distribution and over prescribing of prescription drugs by doctors, nurse practitioners and pharmacies. Our detectives not only seek out illegal practices in Kentucky but all over the country, where there is illegal over prescribing of opioid medications to our Commonwealth citizens. The branch works closely with multiple local, state and federal agencies and manages the Appalachian HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) Rx Diversion Task Force based in Southeast Kentucky. This branch also has detectives assigned to the DEA Task Force in Lexington, which focuses on illegal prescribing of medications and the heroin epidemic that have ravaged communities across Kentucky.

Shielding Kentuckians from Scam with Scam Alerts

More than 17,000 Kentuckians have enrolled in the office's Scam Alerts program, which directly alerts Kentuckians via text message or email when con artists are on the attack.

Defending Felony Convictions in State and Federal Court

The Office of Criminal Appeals rep​​​resents the Commonwealth of Kentucky in defending felony convictions, including those in which the death penalty has been imposed, when those convictions are attacked in state or federal court. While initial felony prosecutions are handled by the local Commonwealth's Attorneys, under Kentucky law our office is charged with preparing briefs and presenting arguments in front of any state or federal court hearing a challenge to a felony conviction. This Office works with local prosecutors to see that justice is served in these cases and to insure that lawfully imposed sentences are carried out. The citizens of Kentucky and the families of the victims deserve no less.

Protecting Kentuckians from Bad Business Practices

In 2016, the office protected Kentucky families from being ripped off, taking action against several companies, including Volkswagen, Johnson & Johnson and Hyundai-Kia for deceptive business practices. The Volkswagen settlement may garner $100 million for the state and its citizens. Visit the Office of Consumer Protection to learn more about the office's protection efforts.

Watching out for Kentucky Rate Payers

Beshear's Office of Rate Intervention has saved families over $300 million in increases to their utility bills. The office of serves as a watchdog for consumers in matters relating to health insurance, natural gas, water, sewer, electric and telephone rates.

Fighting Against Medicaid Fraud

Beshear's Medicaid Fraud Control Unit works to investigation and prosecute Medicaid provider fraud. Under the Beshear administration, the Unit has returned over $19 million to the state and federal Medicaid program.

Returning Funds to State General Fund

In total, the office is responsible for securing or returning over $240 million in restitution or savings to the federal and state government, universities and to Kentuckians who have been defrauded in 2016. Over the past biennium the office returned nearly $8 million to the Commonwealth’s General Fund through civil litigation and settlements. To learn more read our 2017 Biennial Report.

Returning Funds to Kentuckians

Secured civil settlements and obligations of criminal restitution that will return over $52 million to taxpayers through recoveries of state and federal Medicaid funds. Returned nearly $1.1 million to Kentuckians through informal mediation services without need for litigation, which amounts to roughly $1,900 returned per day. Through Feburary 12, 2018, Kentuckians who might have been a victim of a scam and used Western Union to wire transfer money may be elligible to recieve the money they lost through a national settlement state attorneys general helped to secure against Western Union. If this may apply to you click here to learn how to take action.

Helping Those Injured at Work

The Office of the Attorney General is dedicated to ensuring that no workers' compensation claimant will be unable to receive benefits due to a business's failure to obtain coverage. The Uninsured Employers' Fund (UEF) branch of the Office of Civil and Environmental Law participates in all workers' compensation cases in which the employer did not have workers' compensation insurance to cover the claim.

Helping Local Prosecutors Fulfill Their Mission

The Prosecutors Advisory Council (PAC) within the Office of the Attorney General administers the budget of the Unified Prosecutorial System and oversees the training of the Commonwealth’s prosecutors. The nine-member council is appointed by the governor and includes the attorney general, three commonwealth’s attorneys, three county attorneys and two citizen members. The attorney general serves as chair. A complete list of Commonwealth's and County Attorneys and their contact information can be found here.

Scam Alerts Announcement
Attorney General Beshear joins partners in Louisville to announce Scam Alerts.
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