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In April 2019, the Kentucky Office of the Attorney General partnered with the Women's Crisis Center to become the first state agency in Kentucky and the first Office of Attorney General in the nation to implement the Green Dot violence prevention strategy. KYOAG joins 42 other states, 5 countries and the Air Force, in adopting Green Dot as a strategy to prevent violence.

Green Dot is a nationally recognized strategy focused on preventing power-based personal violence – sexual violence, partner violence, child abuse, elder abuse, bullying, and stalking. Green Dot implementation is comprehensive, focusing on building and sustaining relationships through a connection to violence prevention. The strategy is based around the belief that each one of us holds power as bystanders to actively prevent violence and shape our community norms. Green Dot seeks to engage every member of community in our philosophy, "no one has to do everything, but everyone can do something." Through our choices we can and decide what we will accept and not accept in our community with regards to violence. Green Dot specifically targets bystanders to incorporate manageable moments of violence prevention and norm setting in their daily lives. Green Dot expands the definition of bystander to include anyone who is aware that violence is present, and not just individuals who see an immanent high-risk situation.

Green Dot also expands what bystanders do, to include proactive behaviors that endorse two new norms: Violence will not be tolerated and everyone is expected to do their part. Green Dot now becomes a broad-scale mobilizer engaging the previous silent majority toward visible action and ultimately resulting in a reduction of violence.

Green Dot is Kentucky proud, created in Kentucky at the University of Kentucky under the leadership of Dr. Dorothy Edwards.  It is the prevention strategy adopted by all 13 rape crisis centers across Kentucky. Green dot has been implemented in middle schools, high schools and colleges across Kentucky and has recently been implemented in the city of Maysville, Kentucky.

Women's Crisis Center is one of the first rape crisis centers in the country to receive specialized training to implement Green Dot in high schools and was part of a grounding breaking research study partnering with the University of Kentucky and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The results were astounding. Green Dot training resulted in a 50% decrease in sexual assault perpetration and 40% decrease in perpetration rates overall, including sexual harassment, stalking and dating violence.

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