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You deserve clean, honest government. ​​​​​That is why the Office of the Attorney General, Office of Civil and Environmental Law, Office of Criminal Appeals, Office of Special Prosecution and the Prosecutors Advisory Council provides critical legal services on behalf of the Commonwealth that help to ensure an open and honest government. To help ensure transparency within the Office of the Attorney General Kentuckains can view a list of the office's active contracts. The contracts vary from contingency-fee contracts with private law firms for representation on consumer lawsuits to the disbursement of settlement funds to simple leases of real property.

Protecting the Interests of the Commonwealth

The Office of Civil and Environmental Law protects the interests of the state and its citizens by initiating and defending civil lawsuits on behalf of the Commonwealth. The Division enforces regulates charitable institutions and advocates for people and small businesses in utilities matters. Assistant Attorneys General in the Civil Division provide legal representation to most state agencies, boards, and commissions and represent the Commonwealth of Kentucky in state and federal court and administrative hearings. The Division provides opinions on legal issues presented by legislators, prosecutors and heads of state agencies. The office also oversees the enforcement of Kentucky's Open Records and Open Meetings laws.

Protecting Kentucky Families from Public Corruption

The Public Integrity/Special Investigations Branch works toward expelling public corruption by investigating allegations of criminal misconduct by state and local public officials, as well as misuse and theft of public funds. The branch investigates numerous arenas of corruption including executive, judicial, legislative, vendor contract, regulatory, election fraud, social security fraud and systemic law enforcement corruption.

Prosecuting Criminals to Keep Our Communites Safe

The Office of Special Prosecutions directly prosecutes criminal cases to keep our communities safe. We serve as lead prosecutor where we have primary jurisdiction or local prosecutors have a conflict, and assist other prosecutors in particularly complex or sensitive cases. Special Prosecutions also investigates and prosecutes election law violations, environmental crimes and ethics law violations as referred by the Executive Branch Ethics Commission. During the past biennial period, Special Prosecutions nearly doubled its workload, but with the same number of employees.

Overseeing $1.9 billion in Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement Payments to Kentucky

The Office of the Attorney General administers the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement, or the MSA, Compliance Advisory Board established by Kentucky law, which meets quarterly to monitor MSA enforcement actions. The MSA was signed by Kentucky in 1998. This historic agreement between 52 states and territories and the major cigarette companies has resulted in payments of more than $1.9 billion to the Commonwealth since 1999. Kentucky received $93 million in 2017 and $90 million in 2016.

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