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Survivors Council

Purpose of the Survivors Council

  • To advise and assist the Office of the Attorney General on matters related to victims of crime, including but not limited to:
    • awareness initiatives;
    • training efforts; and
    • publications, policy and legislative initiatives
  • To ensure that these efforts are victim-centered, effective and responsive to the needs of diverse victims

What does it mean to be victim-centered?

The Federal Office of Victims of Crime defines a victim centered approach as one which seeks to minimize retraumatization associated with the criminal justice process by:

  • providing the support of victim advocates and service providers;
  • empowering survivors as engaged participants in the process;
  • providing survivors an opportunity to play a role in seeing their offenders brought to justice.

Structure of the Council

  • Co-chaired by a Survivor Council member and the Director of the Office of Victims Advocacy
  • Meets quarterly (4 times a year) in Frankfort at the Office of the Attorney General
  • Members appointed for up to two year term


Jaydee Graham
Ekaterina Estes
Michelle Kuiper
Angelina Alcott
Melissa Buchanan
Jennifer Diaz
Patricia Garrison
Amy Leenerts
Margeaux Gray
Tonya Lindsey
Bradford McClain
Angela Renfro
Martina Wagoner
Tammy Lynn Quetot
Meghan Wright
Tammy Adams
Michelle Kelty
Kayla Ray
Paige Sutkamp
Brittney Thomas
Dontoe Tomei, Jr.
Beverly Weinhold
Jennifer Lynn Williams
Theresa Martinez
Lisa Murray
Clorissa Novak
Donna Pollard