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Cyber Crimes Unit

​​The Cyber Crimes Unit, a branch of the Department of Criminal Investigations, was launched in June 2008. The creation of this investigative unit followed through on a commitment to devote resources from the Office of the Attorney General to help stem the rising tide of online crimes.

Investigators from this unit concentrate their efforts on cases of online solicitation, scams and identity theft. The Cyber Crimes Unit also helps process digital forensic evidence from cell phones and computers in its lab, reducing the turnaround time for investigators. It’s estimated that 80 percent of crimes today now involve some sort of digital forensics. That’s why ​the Cyber Crimes Unit are conducting regional trainings for law-enforcement officers and prosecutors in how to preserve and process this evidence.

Assistance to Kentucky law enforcement agencies

The Cyber Crimes Unit offers assistance to all law-enforcement agencies in Kentucky investigating computer-related crimes. By sharing investigation resources, agencies with no access to electronic crime expertise or computer forensic services can take advantage of investigative personnel and the digital forensics capabilities of the Office of the Attorney General. Investigators requesting assistance may contact the Cyber Crimes Unit at 502-696-5367.

Report a cyber crime

If you would like to contact the Cyber Crimes Unit about an investigation, call 866-524-3672 or email DCIForce@​ Information may be shared anonymously.

Cyber crimes statistics

  • Launched 433 child pornography investigations
  • Obtained 131 child pornography convictions
  • Executed 205 search warrants
  • Seized 696,487 ​child pornographic images and videos
  • Processed 6,879 hard drives and removable devices for a total of 213.8 Terabytes of data
  • Trained 3,175 law enforcement offices and prosecutors in data collection and combatting cybercrimes
  • One of nine agencies in the country selected by Microsoft to host cybersafety training for investigators

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