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Department of Criminal Investigations

​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Department of Criminal Investigations (DCI) provides expert criminal investigative services in the following areas: Cyber Crimes, Drugs and Public Integrity/Special Investigations. DCI Investigators are sworn law-enforcement officers and are certified by Kentucky Peace Officer Professional Standards. The DCI was created by executive order and replaced the Kentucky Bureau of Investigation. The Cyber Crimes Unit within the Department of Criminal Investigations is a newly established investigative branch with responsibilities as both an investigative unit and a support unit to law-enforcement officers and prosecutors throughout the Commonwealth. Members of this investigative unit concentrate on cases that occur digitally or online via cell phones or computers. These cases range from the online solicitation of minors to scams and identity theft. The unit also features a digital forensics lab that assists investigators throughout the Commonwealth in processing evidence from cell phones or computers. The Drug Investigations Branch has been tasked with helping combat illegal drug abuse in Kentucky communities. This branch particularly focuses on the diversion of prescription drugs – investigating individuals receiving prescriptions for the same drug from more than one doctor during the same time period, over-prescribing physicians, theft of prescription drugs and the illegal sale of prescription pain pills. The Drug Investigations Branch has also been instrumental in the state-wide effort to fight on-line and illegal out of state pharmacies The Drug Branch works closely with federal, state and local law-e​​​​nforcement officers. Investigators from the Attorney General's Office are assigned to Operation UNITE and the Appalachian HIDTA. The Public Integrity/Special Investigations Branch conducts investigations regarding allegations of corruption by state and local public officials. As caretakers of the public trust, government officials can affect the finances and lives of its citizenry every day. The duty of this branch is to ensure that leaders and government employees across the Commonwealth execute their duties in both an ethical and honest manner. The branch investigates numerous areas of corruption including executive, judicial, legislative, vendor contract, law enforcement and regulatory corruption. The branch is also instrumental in investigating allegations of voter fraud. When federal violations are identified, the unit works jointly with the appropriate agency and the U.S. Attorney's office in addressing those violations. The branch also conducts investigations for other state agencies as requested.​

John MoberlyJohn Moberly heads the Department of Criminal Investigati​​ons. Mober​ly became a trooper with the Kentucky State Police in 1991. He worked through the investigative ranks as a detective before becoming an investigative supervisor in 1997 and an assistant post commander over investigations in 2003. In his 24-year career with the Kentucky State Police, Moberly also worked within the Strategic Planning Branch, was the commander of the Records and Identification Branch, the commander of the Executive Security Branch, is a certified Kentucky Law Enforcement Counsel Instructor, and served on several state and national boards including the National SEARCH Committee and National Governor’s Security Association Board.​