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The Kentucky Statewide Human Trafficking Task Force is a joint project of the Kentucky Office of the Attorney General and Catholic Charities of Louisville, and funded by the U.S. Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Assistance and the Office for Victims of Crime.

Human Trafficking is a Kentucky Issue

Human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar industry across the world with a presence in the state of Kentucky. Victims are male and female, adults and children, U.S. citizens and foreign born nationals; they are all races, ethnicities, and colors.


What are we looking for?
The purpose of this logo is to provide branding for the Kentucky Statewide Human Trafficking Task Force and the anti-human trafficking movement. The logo should be recognizable as related to both labor and sex trafficking. The logo will be used on all print, media, and campaign efforts on behalf of the Kentucky Statewide Human Trafficking Task Force. The design should not contain references to any government office or non-profit organizations. Ideally, the logo communicates empowerment and is recognizable across different languages (or at least both English and Spanish).

Please Include:

  • Your logo submission. (Any format is accepted. If your logo is chosen we can work with you on the type of file that is needed).
  • Your essay submission. This essay should be no longer than one page and should explain your understanding of human trafficking and why you designed this particular logo.
  • Contact information: Name, email address, and phone number, and current age/grade.

What we DO NOT want:

  • Images of chains, bondage, or "rescuing" victims.
  • Replication of existing campaigns (do your research).

Who is eligible?
All junior and senior high school students and existing college students attending a college or technical school in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Submissions were due October 8, 2018. The winning logo will be chosen by a random panel of members from the Kentucky Statewide Human Trafficking Task Force. Please note that the submitted artwork becomes the property of the Task Force.

Prize: $1,000 Scholarship
The scholarship may be used for tuition only at any college or technical school in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Proof of enrollment must be presented in the form of a tuition bill. The scholarship may not be used to pay off student loans. The winner will have the opportunity to be recognized at a Statewide Meeting.


Mandy Otis
Office of the Attorney General
Capital Complex East
1024 Capital Center Drive, Suite 200
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
Phone: 502-696-5427


The mission of the Kentucky Statewide Human Trafficking Taskforce is to:

  • Combat all forms of human trafficking through a statewide, multi-disciplinary approach intended to increase victim-centered investigations and successful prosecutions at the state and federal levels.
  • Establish effective and cohesive collaboration between law enforcement and victim services providers.
  • Provide comprehensive services to all victims of human trafficking in which the victim’s wishes, safety, confidentiality, and well-being take priority in all matters and procedures.
  • Create targeted outreach, awareness and training for victim advocates, prosecutors, law enforcement and the public to identify and respond to human trafficking.

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