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​​​​WHEREAS, the City of Leitchfield was threatened by a natural hazard occurrence resulting in a tornado which occurred on May 23,2000; and

WHEREAS, such incident has caused widespread and severe property damage to residential homes, apartments and commercial businesses within the City of Leitchfield, causing unresolved loss of property and personal hardship; and

WHEREAS, the Fiscal Court of Grayson County has previously declared that an emergency exists as a result of the storm and damage arising therefrom; and

WHEREAS, the interest of public safety and welfare and in order to protect the City of Leitchfield citizens from unlawful activity taken by unscrupulous property repair.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the City of Leitchfield of Grayson County, Kentucky that:

Section 1. Any contractor or person engaged in the home or commercial property repair or service or reconstruction business within the jurisdiction of the City of Leitchfield during they next ninety (90) days must be registered with the Kentucky Attorney General's Office.

Section 2. The Attorney General's Office and its Consumer Protection Division, will assist the City of Leitchfield in the administration of this procedure. The City of Leitchfield urges all citizens of the City to contract for home or commercial property repair and reconstruction with only those contractors whose applications for registration have been approved by the City of Leitchfield and reviewed by the Kentucky Attorney General's Office, Consumer Protection Division.

Section 3. All approved contractors will be issued a signed "Contractor Registration form" by the City. This form shall be immediately available for review upon request.

Section 4. The Leitchfield City Police is hereby authorized to enforce this Resolution. Should anyone violate this Resolution, he or she will be prosecuted under state law.

Section 5. Any person failing to accurately complete the application for registration or persons previously convicted of a crime of moral turpitude shall be denied registration.


Mayor Jane Smith

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