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Administrative Hearings

​Providing the Commonwealth of Kentucky's boards and agencies with hearing officers and mediation services.​

​While the Office of the Attorney General has been pr​oviding hearing officer services to various boards and agencies of the Commonwealth since at least the 1980s, this work was expanded and centralized with the creation of the Division of Administrative Hearings by the General Assembly in 1994. The creation of the Division coincided with the legislature's enactment of the Administrative Hearings Act, KRS Chapter 13B, which took effect in July 1996 and which the Division is charged with implementing.

The Division of Administrative Hearings is assigned several areas of responsibility by ​KRS 15.111, with the Division's two major responsibilities being:

  1. to maintain a pool of hearing officers, with the necessary support staff, for conducting administrative hearings for government boards and agencies; and
  2. to provide training in administrative hearing procedures for hearing officers, either by developing and offering the training, or by contracting with appropriate organizations for the provision of training, or by approving training developed and submitted by the agencies.

The Division currently provides hearing officer services to over 60 government agencies and boards. These services include conducting pre-hearing conferences, ruling on motions, conducting hearings, and writing findings of fact, conclusions of law, and recommended and final orders. The Division's hearing officers have received specialized training in handling all aspects of administrative hearings.

The Division also provides mediation services to government boards and agencies, recognizing that some cases can be more effectively resolved through mediation. The Division's mediators are hearing officers who have received specialized training in mediation.

In addition, the Division develops and provides hearing officer and related training at least once each year, which it has done since 1996. The division also approves other training programs related to administrative hearings for hearing officer training credit.

The Division of Administrative Hearings provides its hearing officer and mediator services to government boards and agencies at the request of those government boards and agencies. If you are part of a government board or agency and you are interested in obtaining these services from the Division, or you would like more information regarding these services, you may contact the Division's docket clerk at (502) 696-5442. If you are a private citizen and you believe that you are entitled to an administrative hearing, you should contact the government agency or board involved; only that government agency or board can respond to your request for a hearing.​​​


For General CLE Requirements and 13B Hearing Officer Requirements


Friday, October 27, 2017

Kentucky History Center
Frankfort, Kentucky

Registration form available in September.

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KRS Chapter 13B

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