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Civil Branch

​​​​​The Civil Division protects the interests of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and its citizens by initiating and defending civil lawsuits on behalf of the Commonwealth. The Division enforces antitrust laws, regulates charitable institutions, and advocates for people and small businesses in utilities matters. Assistant Attorneys General in the Civil Division provide legal representation to most state agencies, boards, and commissions and represent the Commonwealth of Kentucky in state and federal court and administrative hearings. The Division provides opinions on legal issues presented by legislators, prosecutors and heads of state agencies.

The Civil Division is divided into two offices: the Office of Civil & Environmental Law and the Office of Rate Intervention. Assistant Attorneys General with the Office of Civil & Environmental Law have a wide-ranging practice of law which includes representing state agencies and boards, defending state statutes when there is a constitutional challenge, drafting formal Attorney General opinions, defending charitable trusts and pursuing and monitoring illegal disposition of any substance released in to the air, water or land. The Office of R​ate Intervention concentrates on utility matters and is responsible for representing the interests of Kentucky consumers before governmental rate-​making agencies and also responds to consumer complaints.