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What current child abuse prevention trainings are offered by the office?

The Office of the Attorney General is partnering with Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky (PCAKY) and the Kentucky Association of Child Advocacy Centers (KACAC) to provide training specifically for youth-serving organizations. The training is supported by the office's Child Victims' Trust Fund, administered by the Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention Board and each will be hosted at children's advocacy centers throughout the state.
The training aims to aid daycares, summer camps, churches and other youth-serving organizations with program evaluation and implementation of an action plan that will strengthen protocols and policies to safeguard children from sexual abuse. Topics will include recognizing and reporting child abuse; strategies for screening and selecting employees and volunteers; and strategies for ensuring safe environments.

To pre-register for the trainings, visit Two trainings will be held in each of the following locations:

October 10, 2017
Mason County Extension Office
October 26, 2017​
​McCracken County Extension Office
November 2, 2017
​The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd
November 30, 2017
​Pritchard Community Center
December 5, 2017
Fraternal Order of Police
​Bowling Green
January 11, 2018
​Hazard Community & Technical College
​January 25, 2018
​Pennyrile Area Development District
​February 8, 2018
​Life Learning Center
​February 22, 2018
​Kosair Charities
​March 8, 2018
​Holiday Inn Express
​April 5, 2018
​Rowan County Public Library

The trainings are also supported by: Kentucky Council of Churches; Kosair Charities; Family Nurturing Center; Life Learning Center; Adanta Sexual Assault Resource Center; Fraternal Order of Police Lodge in Bowling Green; Pennyrile Area Development District; The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd; Somerset Holiday Inn Express; Mason County Extension Office; McCracken County Extension Office; Rowan County Public Library; Pritchard Community Center; Hazard Community & Technical College.

What are some of the previous trainings offerd by the office?

In 2016, the Office of the Attorney General help train more than 1,200 law enforcement, prosecutors, social workers and community advocates who participated in nearly 20 statewide trainings on how to protect Kentucky's children from sexual abuse.

What C​hild Sex Offenders Can Teach You
This training program was coordinated by the Office of Victims Advocacy, in collaboration with the Department of Criminal Justice Training (DOCJT), the Department for Behavioral Health, Development and Intellectual Disabilities, and the Kentucky Association of Child Advocacy Centers (KACAC), and was funded by the Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention Board (CSAEPB).

Cory Jewell Jensen, M.S., CCSOT, a national renowned speaker who has treated sex offenders for 30 years, shared her experience and expertise with prosecutors, law enforcement, social workers, victim advocates, medical personnel, educators and others who may be in a position to protect children. Training focused on the techniques used by pedophiles to target, seduce and exploit children, and the mindset and traits that lead them to offend.

Protecting Our Children: Advice from Child Molesters
This safety and prevention program for professionals was ​facilitated by Cory Jewell Jensen. Participants representing the 15 Area Development Districts were recruited. The goal of Training of Trainers (TOT) is to identify a team of at least two participants who will train together in their respective districts. In this instance, members of the Multi-Disciplinary teams in each district were targeted for recruitment, with an emphasis on identifying one member from the law enforcement profession and one member from the local prevention advocates, such as social workers or therapists. This training can be easily modified to reflect the cultural differences in each district such as rural vs. urban communities; services available to support victims of child sexual abuse; and barriers to accessing services such as transportation. Partners include the Office of the Attorney General, Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky (PCAKY) and CSAEPB.

Using Technology to Keep Children Safe from Sexual Abuse and Exploitation
The internet is becoming an increasingly dangerous place for our children. In an effort to protect them from predators, PCAKY has partnered with the Office of the Attorney General to promote Internet Safety Trainings for families and professionals. This strategy includes an update and publication of the Internet Safety Toolkit, a highly successful approach to internet safety training originally developed with funding from the Child Victims' Trust Fund (CVTF) in 2010. A Training of Trainers (TOT) was provided equipping professionals from various agencies with current training curricula. Some of the previously identified TOT participants include state and local police, Kentucky Center for School Safety, as well as local child sexual abuse prevention advocates. This training can be modified to reflect the cultural differences in each district and barriers to accessing services such as transportation. PCAKY will remain available as a training entity as well as technical assistance guides following implementation of this grant. Trainings will be available online and throughout the year.​

Attorney General Beshear at community training in Bowling Green
Attorney General Andy Beshear addresses a train-the-trainer program in Bowling Green on how to protect children from child molesters.

Partners (Past and Present)​

Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention Board (CSAEPB)​​

Department of Criminal Justice Training​ (DOCJT)

Department for Behavioral Health​

Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities (DBHDID)

Kentucky Association of Child Advocacy Centers​ (KACAC)

Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky​ (PCAKY)​

How can I help?

To help support victims of child sexual abuse, visit your county clerk's office and request an "I Care About Kids" license plate or check the box on your tax return to designate a portion to the CVTF.

I Care About Kids​​

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