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Addressing and preventing child sexual abuse and child trafficking is a core mission for Attorney General Beshear and his office. His team is committed to helping Kentucky communities and organizations prevent child abuse through extensive trainings and grants, and the office is working to stop child trafficking and online predators with the help of law enforcement from across the state.

Supporting Child Abuse Prevention Efforts Through the Child Victims' Trust Fund

The office's Child Victims' Trust Fund (CVTF), administered by the Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention Board (Board), approves and provides annual grants from the CVTF to support child abuse prevention programs, trainings and funding to the state's Child Advocacy Centers to cover costs associated with child sexual abuse forensic exams.

Since taking office, Beshear and the CVTF have provided some of the most comprehensive statewide trainings aimed at preventing child abuse. For additional information regarding the upcoming child abuse prevention trainings in your area, please visit the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Trainings page.  Funding from the Child Victims’ Trust Fund, attached to the Office of the Attorney General, has paid more than 2,100 child sexual abuse medical since Jan 1. 2016 and provided more than $410,000 statewide and regional grants to help protect Kentucky children from abuse.

We trained individuals, including law enforcement officers, prosecutors, parents, students and child advocates to recognize the signs of abuse and trafficking and to step in and stop it. To support learn more about the fund and how to make a donation please visit the Child Victims Trust Fund page.

Fighting to Protect Children from Human Trafficking

Over the last year, Beshear has established the Office of the Attorney General as the leading agency fighting human trafficking, a modern-day form of slavery in which adults and children are forced into sex or labor services.

The Office of the Attorney General, along with Catholic Charities of Louisville, received a federal grant in 2016, the first Department of Justice grant ever awarded to a Kentucky agency for human trafficking. The team in the AG's office is also actively working human trafficking cases and has assisting local law enforcement human trafficking complaints.  More than 9,000 individuals statewide have been trained and the office has forged partnerships with the trucking and hospitality industries, and the Baptist Convention. 

Beshear’s office secured a record 39 human trafficking and other related offenses arrests in 2018. One case resulted in the 20-year conviction of former Northern Kentucky school board member and judge Timothy Nolan. Nolan was prosecuted by Beshear’s Special Prosecutions Unit, which had a 33-percent increase in court appearances in 2018 over the previous year.

Shielding Children from Online Predators

Beshear expanded the office's child protection and law enforcement efforts in 2016 when he launched Operation Shielded Child. The undercover operations employ cyber-crime investigators from the Attorney General's Office to investigate individuals who possess and distribute child pornography and those who solicit minors for sex online. In 2016, Beshear's office arrested more online child predators than any year in the history of the office. The number of arrests, indictments and convictions totaled nearly 80. Arrested individuals were charged them 1,147 criminal counts. His cyber crime investigators also assist with the forensic review of technology on local human trafficking cases. Overall Beshear’s Cyber Crimes Unit has tripled the number child predators arrested, more than ever before. To learn more about how the office is combating online predators visit the Cyber Crimes page.

Reporting Child Abuse

Every Kentuckian has a moral and legal duty to report any instance of child abuse to local law enforcement or to Child Protection Hotline at 877-KYSAFE1(877-597-2331).

Children's Advocacy Center
Attorney General Andy Beshear visits The Nest in Lexington to read with children

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