Selected Consumer Protection Statutes

Most state laws dealing with consumer protection can be found in the Kentucky Revised Statutes Chapter 367 except where otherwise noted. Specific sections are detailed below.


The statutes linked below are not necessarily every statute or regulation governing the topic listed. For example, most of the laws relating to consumer credit are federal law and, as a result, are not listed below. All links on this page are PDF files of various sizes.

Automobiles, newCar Lemon Law, Arbitration, Disclosure of Damage
KRS 367, Sections .840-.846
Automobiles, usedOdometer Rollback, Right to Previous Owner Information, Salvaged Title
KRS 186A, Sections .500-.555
Business opportunitiesRegistration, Right to Cancel, Bond
KRS 367, Sections .801-.819
Charitable givingRegistration of Professional Solicitors, Fundraising Campaigns
KRS 367, Sections .650-.670
CrematoriesLicensure, Procedures for Handling Cremated Remains
KRS 367, Sections .97501-.97537
Consumer protectionCreation of Division, Intent, General Duties, Consumer Advisory Council, Unfair or Deceptive Acts, Defenses of Publisher, General Authority to Investigate and Sue
KRS 367, Sections .110-.370
CreditRestrictions on Credit Reporting Agencies, Right to Refinance, Defenses of Consumer, Loan Brokers
KRS 367, Sections .390, .600-.610
Funeral homes and cemeteriesLicensing, Sales of Preneed Contracts, Cemetery Companies, Perpetual Care of Cemeteries
KRS 367, Sections .932-.974
Health spasRegistration, Right to Cancel, Bond
KRS 367, Sections .900-.930
Home solicitation salesRight to Cancel
KRS 367, Sections .410-.460
Penalties KRS 367, Sections .990-.993
Pyramid salesReferral Sales
KRS 367, Sections .830-.836
TelemarketingTelemarketers, Telephone Solicitations
KRS 367, Sections .461-.46999
Vacation and buying clubs KRS 367, Sections .395-.407
Transient merchants KRS 365, Sections .650-.695
Going out of business KRS 365, Sections .410-.480