Public Corruption

​​​The Office of the Attorney General investigates allegations of corruption by state and local public officials. As caretakers of the public trust, government officials can affect the finances and lives of its citizenry every day. 

The Public Integrity Branch of the Department of Criminal Investigations has a duty to ensure that our leaders execute their duties in both an ethical and honest manner. The branch investigates numerous arenas of corruption including executive, judicial, legislative, vendor contract, law enforcement and regulatory corruption. 

This branch is also instrumental in investigating allegations of voter fraud. When federal violations are identified, the unit works jointly with the appropriate federal agency and U.S. Attorney's office in addressing those violations. 

The branch also conducts investigations and provides support for other state agencies as requested.

​Reporting Public Corruption

If you are aware of illegal activity on the part of an elected or appointed official, you are encouraged to contact the Department of Criminal Investigations. You may call the toll-free hotline at 866-524-3672 or email information to

Reports may be made anonymously.