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 For-profit Colleges

Did you recently receive a notice from National College regarding job placement information? If you would like more information about that notice and the information being sought by the Attorney General, you may contact our office at 888-432-9257 (select option 3).

Concerns about the for-profit school industry stem in-part from General Conway's investigation into Daymar College and investigations of Decker College and the American Justice School of Law. General Conway also continues to lead a national bipartisan effort, which now includes 30 states, to examine potential abuses within the industry. Under the Attorney General's leadership, the States investigated QuinStreet, Inc. regarding the website and reached a $2.5 million settlement to protect veterans from deceptive recruiting practices through lead generation websites.

"As Attorney General, it is my job to ensure that businesses operating in Kentucky are following our Consumer Protection laws," General Conway said. "It is also my duty to ensure that consumers are not being taken advantage of as a result of unfair or false business practices."

Complaint Form

If you are an employee or a student of a for-profit college operating in Kentucky and have information or a complaint about their business practices, the Office of the Attorney General wants to hear from you. Please use our online form to file a complaint, or contact us by phone at 888-432-9257 (select option 3). Providing your contact information is optional, but it would be helpful just in case we need to follow up with questions about your comment/complaint.

If you are having problems with your private student loans, you should also contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).??


Attorney General Conway's office has filed civil lawsuits against Daymar College and National College, and Spencerian College, and is investigating Brown-Mackie College and three other for-profit schools. You can read the press releases announcing these suits here: