Office of Criminal Law

The Department of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has three branches – the Public Corruptions Branch, the Drug Investigations Branch, and the Cybercrimes Branch. The Public Corruption Branch focuses on public corruption in state and local governments including thefts from the state treasury. The Drug Investigations Branch investigates all violations of the Controlled Substances Act (KRS 218A) with a focus on prescription pill diversion. The Cybercrimes Branch investigates crimes committed over the internet included possession of and manufacturing child pornography. Pursuant to KRS 15.150, all the investigators in DCI are peace officers.

The Office of Special Prosecutions has concurrent jurisdiction with locally elected prosecutors to prosecute various crimes throughout the Commonwealth including theft from the state treasury, environmental crimes, and violations of election laws. Special Prosecutions also assists or prosecutes at the request of local prosecutors in complex cases or where a conflict of interest exists.

The Office of Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Control investigates and prosecutes Medicaid provider fraud and investigates abuse and neglect of persons in Medicaid funded facilities. This office also seeks civil damages from pharmaceutical companies and other providers and manufacturers.

The Office of the Prosecutor's Advisory Council (PAC) administers the budget for all 120 County Attorney's Offices and all 57 Commonwealth's Attorney's Offices throughout the state. PAC also hosts numerous training sessions for prosecutors including the Kentucky Prosecutor's Institute and the Prosecutor's Advisory Council Annual Conference.

The Office of Victim's Services provides victim's advocates on all criminal appellate and special prosecution cases in the Commonwealth. This office also staffs the Child Sexual Assault and Exploitation Prevention Board and hosts annual training for Victim's Advocates throughout the Commonwealth.

The Office of Criminal Appeals handles appeals of all criminal convictions in the Commonwealth. The attorneys in Criminal Appeals argue in front of the Kentucky Supreme Court, the Kentucky Court of Appeals, the United States Sixth Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court. This office files over 1000 briefs a year in its efforts to uphold convictions of criminals.