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Notice to all tobacco manufacturers

​ Notice

To:All tobacco product manufacturers

From:Michael Plumley, Assistant Attorney Ge


Date:January 10, 2008

Re:Kentucky fire safety standards for cigarettes

In the 2007 session of the Kentucky General Assembly, the legislature enacted Fire Safety Standards for Cigarettes, also known as the “fire safe” cigarette law. (KRS 227.770 – KRS 227.784). The provisions take effect April 1, 2008 and this notice it to inform you that all cigarettes to be sold in Kentucky after April 1 must be in compliance with these fire safety requirements.

The new provisions require all cigarette manufacturers who wish to sell in Kentucky to comply with testing, labeling and certification requirements to prove that their cigarettes meet certain reduced ignition standards and are so labeled. Certification is required for each brand family (upon payment of a $1,000 fee per brand) and must be renewed every three years. Certification is to be done through the Kentucky Fire Marshal. For further information contact that office by phone at (502) 573-0365 or by mail at:

Division of Fire Prevention
101 Sea Hero Road
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

Failure to comply can result in significant monetary penalties as well as other legal action, including delisting/non-listing from the directory of approved tobacco products. ALL CIGARETTE MANUFACTURERS MUST PROVIDE PROOF OF FIRE SAFETY CERTIFICATION TO OUR OFFICE TO ENSURE LISTING OF THEIR CIGARETTES ON THE KENTUCKY TOBACCO MANUFACTURER DIRECTORY BEGINNING WITH ANY CERTIFICATIONS DUE AFTER APRIL 1, 2008. Contact our office if you have any questions.