May 24

Our nation has once again witnessed strength, determination and incredible bravery in the face of disaster.  From the teachers who helped save their students’ lives to the first responders who dug through debris in search of survivors, so many heroes emerged from Monday’s devastating tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.

While disasters like this bring out the best in people, they can also bring out the worst. If you plan to make a donation to assist storm victims in Oklahoma, please make sure you donate to a reputable relief agency, like the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army or efforts organized through your place of worship.  For more information, please see our press release.
Relief for Kentucky homeowners under the national mortgage foreclosure settlement has topped $61 million.  That’s according to the fourth post-settlement report released this week by the independent settlement monitor.  More than 1,700 struggling Kentucky homeowners received more than $61.1 million from Ally/GMAC, Bank of America, Citi, Chase and Wells Fargo through March 31, 2013.
While this is certainly good news, there have been some complaints from consumers that the servicers are not meeting their obligations under the settlement.  I am collaborating with my colleagues around the country to determine the best way to resolve these complaints to ensure that consumers receive the relief entitled to them.  More information is available in our press release .

I’m looking forward to speaking at the Recovery Kentucky Task Force ceremony next Wednesday, May 29 at the Capitol. Two Recovery Kentucky centers, Cumberland Hope Community Center and Trilogy Center for Women will receive grants from the Walmart Foundation.
Please join me this Memorial Day weekend in remembering the men and women in our armed forces who have lost their lives protecting our freedom.  Elizabeth and I will also continue to pray for the safe return home of those currently serving overseas.   
Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.