May 10

National retailer Urban Outfitters has crossed the line by selling pint glasses, shot glasses and flasks made to look like prescription pill bottles. To equate painkillers with alcohol or even suggest that they be used together is very dangerous and the height of irresponsibility.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and I, along with our colleagues from across the country, will be sending a letter to Urban Outfitters to urge the retailer to stop selling these products. For more information, please see the press release we issued this week.

On Monday, May 13, my Office of Victim Advocacy and I will host the annual Crime Victims' Rights Day Service and the Kentucky Homicide Memorial dedication of names at Louisville's Resthaven Cemetery. Thirty-three names have been added to the homicide memorial. I hope you will keep these families, and all of Kentucky's crime victims, in your prayers.

We will also remember the victims of the Carrollton bus crash during Monday's ceremony. Tuesday, May 14 marks the 25th anniversary of the deadliest DUI crash in our nation's history. Twenty seven people, mostly children, died when Larry Mahoney drove the wrong way, drunk, on the interstate in Carroll County. Thirty four others were injured in the crash.

Karolyn Nunnallee, whose 10-year-old daughter died in the crash, will be the featured speaker at our Victims' Rights Day event. Karolyn's courage and commitment to her family helped turn this tragedy into an opportunity for change. Her efforts helped strengthen the nation's DUI laws, lower DUI limits, and increase school bus safety for all children.

If you're in the Columbia, Ky. area, tune into WAIN Radio on Monday morning. I'll be talking to Lisa Clark about the latest news from my Office.