July 12

It was great visiting with folks in Winchester earlier this week. I was the keynote speaker at the Winchester Rotary Club and welcomed the opportunity to update Rotarians on the latest news and priority issues within the Office of the Attorney General. I appreciate all the Rotary Club does to address important issues within the community, particularly those that affect Kentucky youth.

In other news this week, we announced the sentencing of Owsley County Clerk Sid Gabbard after he pled guilty to abuse of public trust and tax evasion charges. Gabbard was sentenced to five years probated following his payment of more than $61,100 in restitution, and repayment of back taxes. He also resigned his post.

The charges against Gabbard are the result of an investigation by my Department of Criminal Investigations and the Department of Revenue's Division of Special Investigations. For more information, please see our press release.

We put another child pornographer behind bars this week. Lawrence Circuit Judge John Preston followed our recommendation and sentenced 51-year-old Thomas Meade of Blaine, Ky. to five years in prison for possession and distribution of child pornography.

The charges against Meade are the result of an investigation by my Cybercrimes Unit. My Office of Special Prosecutions helped bring this case to a successful close in Lawrence Circuit Court earlier today.