August 2

I appreciated the opportunity to meet this afternoon with members of the Community Task Force in Paducah to brief them on recent meetings in Washington to discuss the Gaseous Diffusion Plant. My discussion with senior energy department officials focused on the future of the plant and its 1100 employees, and efforts to clean up the nuclear material from the site. I also let officials know that Kentucky is tired of bearing the brunt of costs associated with new environmental policies curbing the use of coal.

It is the federal government's responsibility to clean up an environmental mess here in the Commonwealth. This administration must not turn its back on the environment and people of Kentucky. Be assured, I won't let that happen. For more information on today's meetings, please see our press release.

There was a great crowd last night at the Alben Barkley Dinner. I was an honor to attend the dinner with Clay Barkley, the great-grandson of the former Vice President Barkley. Clay is the Civil Director in my Office.

Of course, I'm looking forward to meeting with folks at the 133rd Annual Fancy Farm Picnic tomorrow. I'll be speaking and attending a number of events. If you're making the drive to Graves County and St. Jerome Parish, make sure to say hi.